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 Dynamic Content: Create Professional Dynamic Content Websites

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Dynamic Content | $35
(Includes Grid & Layout)
Layout Pro | $35
(Layout Pro Requires Dynamic Content)
Backup | $20
(Schedule Grid & Layout Pro Backups)


Let the power of Dynamic Content display unlimited web elements for you.

Display & Manage Content


Simple search controls allow visitors to quickly and easily find the content they need.

Find Info Quickly


Create and view a preseet selection of your content using filters or buttons.

Choose Content to Display


Make effortless updates to your content.

Make Changes With Ease


Setup users from admins to visitors and everyone in between, each with their own privileges.

Assign User Permissions


Take advantage of built-in lightbox/gallery support, build shopping carts and use powerful macros to place content into most stacks.

Integrate With Existing Stacks


Setup additional content pages where more information is displayed.

Create Detail Pages


Seize the benefits of fixed-cost pricing and simplify content maintenance for you & your customers.

Reduce Costs & Complexity


Ask and get one-on-one help and advise on setup and use.

Free Support
All the Headaches Were Gone in No Time

Thinking about a MySQL database is, for people like me, a pure headache.  But... I needed to have one on a website and it had certain requirements.  In the end, I found Bill's components for RapidWeaver.  All the headaches were gone in no time: I've been able to setup the whole thing in less than an hour.  The most important thing is that most of the time was spent where it was important: deciding and organizing the structure of the database.  Its implementation and its setup were the minimal part of what was needed.  Seriously.  The implementation might seem complex at first, but in the end it reveals itself to be straight forward and works like a charm.  ...and astonishingly fast and good support !!  Very good Bill.

— Andrea Vitali
Online System with ~2,000 Records

I have used Bill's system for an online system with ~2,000 records, each with multiple images, text fields and a descriptive entry that can extend to several pages of A4.  His support and help has been first class.  I do not know how I could have constructed the massive resource without it.

— Richard Brewer
Now Known as Dynamic Content

I was asked to build a "Yellow Pages" directory of shared contacts, links and such for 200-500 people and multiple admins with different access privaleges.  This quickly moved from a Google Sheets project to a full blown Database.  I sought out Stack-Its Dynamic Content stack and am most pleased with its customized approach, expandability and capability.  The price-point is extremely reasonable and support is fast, friendly and complete.  With all the needs my clients will have, the basic stack is far more 'Database' than needed but can easily expand to areas I have yet to explore.  A great product !

— Terrence Godchaux
Perfect to Manage a Database Through Your Website

After the initial setup (I had difficulties in understanding the full logic behind it, but the developer was of a great support, quick and efficient), the new version of Dynamic Content is an excellent tool to manage data via a web interface.  Highly recommended.

— Franco
First Experiences with Dynamic Content

What I wanted to do I could easily do - a database administration for a club.  And I'm very happy with the result.  In some places I had problems with the setup and the first touch on the graphic design options.  But Bill's support is outstanding, who always answered questions immediately and after that everything worked !  A thousand thanks for that !

— Jens-Hermann Stuke
Dynamic Content is Perfect for Setting up MySQL

Dynamic Content is the perfect tool to create and configure a MySQL database without coding knowledge.  Displaying the data in a web page is easy and offers multiple design possibilities.  When minor configuration issues arise, Bill offers outstanding support.

— franco
Dynamic Content is a Smart Tool Integrated into my Website

For our photography club website, Dynamic Content allows us to manage member data and make it easily available.  It is a tool accessible directly from a browser, without using any specific software.  On several occasions, I needed technical help, especially for some issues related to the particularity of the French language, or during the migration from one host company to another one.  Bill (Dynamic Content developer) was always available and helped me to solve my problems.  It's really nice to know that behind a tool there is always a human, ready to help you.  Thank you Bill for your availability and patience.

— zden
Dynamic Content stacks work perfectly - Best Support Ever

I bought Dynamic Content a few days ago.  The handling is easy and the functionality is fantastic.  I had a few problems with setting up the mySQL database.  Bill helped me patiently, with much humor and the greatest possible competence to solve all problems.  It works great !  Thank you very much !

— Axel Fabian Schlenker
Dynamic Content Does It

Dynamic Content stacks work great.  The support I got from Bill was Awesome.

— Berend
Great Stack !  Awesome Support !

When I needed to recreate an existing website with thousands of products in a custom database, Bill's stack was vital.  I am very happy with the results.

— CJFish
An Absolute Steal at This Price Point !

I am amazed by what Dynamic Content is capable of.  It saves me hours and hours of coding and even better: my customer is very happy and can manage his MySQL database all by himself online in a very simple way.  Very well thought out system !

— Quagga

These Stacks put me to the next level...  I won't forget to mention Bill's amazing support.  The stacks are working perfectly and enable me to help my client.  Happy client - happy me.  These stacks are worth every Cent !!!

— Thomas
Great Product, Excellent Support

When my local church wanted to add a page for a growing number of downloadable resources at the beginning of the covid-19 lockdown, Dynamic Content with Layout Pro was the solution.  People are able to see and download what they want and the database of resources is easy to manage.  When I migrated the site to Foundation 6, Bill provided me with some excellent support to make sure the page continued to work.

— jwrw
Unbelievable Support

This is an amazing product supported by an intelligent, hard working, kind hearted developer who spent hours helping me get up and running.  At the end of the day, it was my hosting provider and not the stack that was the problem but he slugged through it with me just the same.  This product is worth ten times the cost.

— pfavaro
Really Looking Forward to Using These Stacks

Just bought Dynamic Content from Bill and I'm really looking forward to both playing with them to see what they can do and implementing them in a professional site.  Bill was great and responded really quickly to my sales questions.  Thanks Bill :)

— Alix
Amazing Set of Stacks !

What can I say?  Bill has been wonderful in helping me set up my web site.  Always available to help anytime via screen sharing.  This is dynamic content for the rest of us.  Amazing what you have accomplished, Bill !  Thank you !!

— Olivier
Brilliant Product

A superb solution that will save me days of programming.  Even then, would not have the polished look I can achieve with Dynamic Content.  The support from Bill is tremendous, absolutely first class.  Highly recommended.

— RichardRabbitt
Great Stacks AND Exemplary Service

Took me a while to get to grip with Dynamic Content, but Bill was brilliant !  We did a 1:1 screen share and we not only got me all set up, but Bill explained how the whole thing hangs together.  Dynamic Content is so powerful - it's much more than just a database.  Highly recommended !

— jacksona69
Super Slick Set of Stacks !

Dynamic Content + Layout Pro makes adding dynamic database-driven content to your RapidWeaver site a breeze.  Support is top-notch too.

— ggoodrick
Makes an Idiot Look Super Professional...

Once I got my head around these stacks, I started to realize just how powerful they are and Bill's support goes beyond the expected.  These stacks are genius for someone like me.  I love Dynamic Content - it makes adding a simple database so easy to any RW site.

— Pete Northfield
Fantastic Stacks !

I searched around a lot to find stacks to handle some background database feeds and manipulation for my web site and this is just perfect and really easy to use.  I must say also that Bill has been a massive help sorting out an issue I had, a developer who really deserves supporting, all I can say is buy his stuff you will not be disappointed !

— Malc Gurnham
Simply Brilliant

These tools will let you do "the impossible" really easily.  But, more importantly, Bill is a great developer that will make sure the tools work FOR YOU.  Don't let the title worry you; you don't need to be a DB wizard as Bill has taken all the angst out of that.  Just think of these tools as "Dynamic Content" stacks and work your way from there.  If its a hassle, Bill will help you.  If you need any kind of DB/Dynamic system then this is well worth a look.  Oh, and by the way, Bill provides FREE "Demo" options, so you should be able to see if it's what you need before laying out the cash.

— Mike Harris
Perfect !

I had to create a database for a school for staff looking for ease of use, and not too complicated to achieve.  The set of Dynamic Content stacks is perfect for this job.  Simplicity of use and convincing result !  Thank you Bill !

— Michel
Absolutely Awesome

I cannot stress how awesome Bill the creator of this set of stacks is.  I was able to setup a dynamic website easily and quickly in Rapidweaver.  I had been looking for a DB stack that actually worked and this is it !

— duhhhhhhh
Dynamic Content Example
Dynamic Content Example
Dynamic Content Example
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Note:  The Dynamic Content license is for one domain (subdomain use is ok) / 5 editors Please buy additional copies of the main suite & any addons for larger use cases.

Over 4+ years of continuous work has gone into the Dynamic Content Suite & it's a GREAT value for all the provided dynamic capabilities and I give free one-on-one support to all my clients.

- Thanks,  Bill

Dynamic Content | $35
(Includes Grid & Layout)
Layout Pro | $35
(Layout Pro Requires Dynamic Content)
Backup | $20
(Schedule Grid & Layout Pro Backups)