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Header Helper
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  • Easily Apply Changes to Any Headings
  • Separate Controls for h1-h6 Tags
  • Edit Heading Margin, Padding & Width
  • Font Controls for Size, 20 Web-safe Fonts, Google Fonts, Weight, Style, Line Height, Color, Alignment, Text Shadow Sizing, Color & Opacity
  • Select a Background Color & Opacity or Apply a Vertical Gradient
  • Border Controls for 10 Styles, Corner Radius, Border Width & Border Color
  • Advanced Controls to Ignore Headings in Header & Sidebar Areas
  • Ignore Headings Input Area

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Header Helper Settings

Current Version: 1.4.0

    Edit All Heading1s:  Enable to turn on h1 editing features


    Margin Top:  Set the top margin


    Margin Right:  Set the right margin - Note: valid when width < 100%


    Margin Bottom:  Set the bottom margin


    Margin Left:  Set the left margin


    Padding Top:  Set the top padding


    Padding Right:  Set the right padding


    Padding Bot:  Set the bottom padding


    Padding Left:  Set the left padding


    Width:  Set the width - Note: use to match borders w/ text & align-rt tweaks

  • ➀➀ 

    Custom Header Width:  Enable to set width of headings in header area

  • ➀➁ 

    Header Width:  Set the width of headings in header area

  • ➀➂ 

    Custom Sidebar Width:  Enable to set width of headings in sidebar area

  • ➀➃ 

    Sidebar Width:  Set the width of headings in sidebar area

  • ➀➄ 

    Font Size:  Set the font size

  • ➀➅ 

    Font:  Select the web-safe font to use, 20 fonts available

  • ➀➆ 

    Font Weight:  Select the font weight, 10 weights available

  • ➀➇ 

    Font Style:  Select the font style, 3 styles available

  • ➀➈ 

    Line Height:  Set the line height


    Use Google Font:  Enable to use a google font - Note: overrides Font, Font Weight & Font Style

  • ➁➀ 

    Google Font:  Enter name of font (No quotes)

  • ➁➁ 

    Google Weight:  Only enter google font weight if it's anything other than normal(400)

  • ➁➂ 

    Text:  Set the text color

  • ➁➃ 

    Text Align:  Select the text alignment, 5 alignments available

  • ➁➄ 

    Justify:  Set the word spacing to justify text

  • ➁➅ 

    Hor Text Shadow:  Set the text shadow horizontal length - Note: neg is allowed

  • ➁➆ 

    Vert Text Shadow:  Set the text shadow vertical length - Note: sets x & y values, neg is allowed

  • ➁➇ 

    Blur Text Shadow:  Set the text shadow blur amount

  • ➁➈ 

    Shadow Color:  Set the text shadow color


    Shadow Opacity:  Set the text shadow opacity

  • ➂➀ 

    BG Color:  Set the color of the background

  • ➂➁ 

    BG Opacity:  Set the background opacity of the background color

  • ➂➂ 

    Background Gradient:  Enable to set background gradient colors

  • ➂➃ 

    BG Top Gradient:  Set the top gradient background color

  • ➂➄ 

    BG Bot. Gradient:  Set the bottom gradient background color

  • ➂➅ 

    Border Style:  Select the border style, 10 styles available

  • ➂➆ 

    Border Radius:  Set the border radius

  • ➂➇ 

    Border Top:  Set the top border width

  • ➂➈ 

    Border Right:  Set the right border width


    Border Bot:  Set the bottom border width

  • ➃➀ 

    Border Left:  Set the left border width

  • ➃➁ 

    Border Color:  Set the border color

  • ➃➂ 

    Separate h2-h6 editing areas, sim. to h1 area

  • ➃➃ 

    Ignore Headings in Hdr:  Enable to turn off editing of headings in header area

  • ➃➄ 

    Ignore Headings in SB:  Enable to turn off editing of headings in sidebar area

  • ➃➅ 

    Ignore Headings:  Enter class or div of headings that are to be ignored (Ex. .class, #div)

Download the Header Helper Demo - It'll give your headings a boost !
Note: 'Header Helper Demo Version' will appear within the stack - but it's fully functional for you to try out.