Holiday Gift

Give Your Site a Holiday Stack
Holiday Gift
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  • Easily Create a Holiday Welcome Gift Layout
  • Google Font Support
  • Text Sizing
  • Custom Top & Bottom Text Areas
  • Size Height & Width of Gifts
  • Text & Shadow Color Control
  • Background Transparency

Holiday Gift Settings

Current Version: 1.2.0

    Height:  Enter overall height of gift stack


    Width:  Set the overall width


    Top Text:  Enter the top text


    Bottom Text:  Enter the bottom text


    Remove Center Ribbon:  Enable to turn off center ribbon


    Text:  Set the text color


    Text Size:  Set the text size


    Font:  Select a font


    Font Weight:  Select the font weight


    Font Style:  Select the font style

  • ➀➀ 

    Use Google Font:  Enable to use a google font - Note: overrides Font & Font Weight

  • ➀➁ 

    Google Font:  Enter name of Google font (No quotes)

  • ➀➂ 

    Google Wt:  Only enter google font weight if it's anything other than normal (400)

  • ➀➃ 

    Shadow:  Set the text shadow color

It's FREE !  A gift for the RapidWeaver Community.
Use it this holiday season on your website to welcome visitors.