Create Unique 3D Packs of Images
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  • Responsive Images that Smoothly Resize
  • Two Cool 3D Layout Styles
  • Auto-Reveal Images on Hover/Tap
  • Image Gallery for Mobile & Desktop
  • Large Image Auto-Sizes to Available Width
  • Image Drop-In, Resource & Warehouse Sources
  • Thumbnail Overlap & Reveal Distances
  • Sizing of Thumbnail Images
  • Title Font, Size, Weight, Style, Color, Background & Shadow Controls
  • Close Button Size, Color & Shadow Controls
  • Optional Google Font
  • Optional Wide View in Edit Mode
  • Alt Tag for Resources/Warehouse Images

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ImagePack Settings

Current Version: 1.1.0

    Image Style:  Select the image style to use


    Max Width:  Set the max width for the thumbnail images based on container width


    Title Size:  Enter the font size for the title


    Title:  Set the title text color


    Title Shadow:  Set the title text shadow color


    Title Background:  Set the title background color


    Close Size:  Enter the font size for the close button


    Close Button:  Set the close button color


    Close Shadow:  Set the close button shadow color


    Font:  Set a web-safe font for the text

  • ➀➀ 

    Font Weight:  Select the font weight for the text

  • ➀➁ 

    Font Style:  Select the font style for the text

  • ➀➂ 

    Use Google Font:  Enable to use a Google font for the text - Note: overrides Font, Font Weight & Font Style

  • ➀➃ 

    Google Font:  Enter name of Google font for the text (No quotes)

  • ➀➄ 

    Google Wt:  Only enter Google font weight for the text if it's anything other than normal(400)

  • ➀➅ 

    Margin Top:  Enter a top margin, Note: use to fix image clipping

  • ➀➆ 

    Thumb Overlap:  Enter the amount of thumbnail overlap distance, Note: larger values bring the images closer together

  • ➀➇ 

    Thumb Revealed:  Enter the amount of thumbnail overlap distance after hover/tap animation, Note: smaller values push the images further apart

  • ➀➈ 

    Show Wide View:  Display wide view in Edit mode (Disable for Publish)

ImagePack Image Settings

(Normally hidden in Library - Add using blue plus button)
Current Version: 1.1.0

    Image Source:  Select the way you wish to use images


    Image Folders:  Select if using Resources or Warehouse - Note: Select 'Not Used' if using Drop In


    Res. Image:  Enter path in resources & name for image, Sim. for Whs. Image


    Alt. Image Text:  Enter alternate image text for image


    Image Title:  Enter title for image

Download the ImagePack Demo - and display those 3D images !
Note: 'ImagePack Demo Version' will appear below the stack, but it's fully functional for you to try out.