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LinkTracker is a incredible useful tool to help you track the number of clicks on an unlimited number of links throughout your site.  It does this by offering a simple tracking screen:

  • The links clicked with the url path to each target
  • The number of clicks registered for each link set up
  • A handy timestamp showing when the first click happened, i.e.: "Clicks Since: mm/dd/yyyy"

So if you have a link to a page or a download file that you want to keep track of, then LinkTracker is for you.

Please be sure to read the FAQs - as they should answer most questions  :-)

Link Example

• 1 Note the click count in the Tracking Display below.
• 2 Click the Button to the right.
    (You'll be taken to Google's site - just hit the back button to return)
• 3 Upon returning - note the click count has increased by one. Neat Huh !

Tracking Display


  • Easily Track Links & Downloads
  • Edit Mode Tracking Display
  • Unlimited Number of Links/Clicks Recorded
  • Date Stamp
  • Link Text or Images
  • Image Resource/Warehouse Options
  • Image Border Width/Radius Color Controls
  • Image Shadow Controls
  • Text Font, Size, Weight, Style, Color & Shadow Controls
  • Google Font Options
  • Text Shadow Controls

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LinkTracker Link Settings

Current Version: 1.2.0

    Link:  Select the url link


    Link is Absolute URL  Enable if link is set to an absolute URL


    Path to DB folder:  Enter relative path from this page to the LinkTracker Count 'page_files' folder, Ex. ../count_files or ../files


    Use Image:  Enable to use image instead of link text


    Use Resources:  Enable to use resources, Note-disable to use warehouse folder


    Resources Img:  Enter image name in resources, if using


    Warehouse Img:  Enter path to warehouse folder & image, if using


    Img Width:  Enter the image width, px


    Img Height:  Enter the image height, px


    Border Width:  Enter the image border width, px

  • ➀➀ 

    Border Radius:  Enter the image border radius, px

  • ➀➁ 

    Border:  Set the border color

  • ➀➂ 

    Shadow X:  Enter the image horizontal shadow, px

  • ➀➃ 

    Shadow Y:  Enter the image vertical shadow, px

  • ➀➄ 

    Shadow Blur:  Enter the image shadow blur, px

  • ➀➅ 

    Shadow:  Set the image box shadow color

  • ➀➆ 

    Link Text:  Enter link text

  • ➀➇ 

    Text:  Set the text color

  • ➀➈ 

    Text Size:  Set the text size


    Font:  Select a font

  • ➁➀ 

    Font Weight:  Select the font weight

  • ➁➁ 

    Font Style:  Select the font style

  • ➁➂ 

    Use Google Font:  Enable to use a google font - Note: overrides Font & Font Weight

  • ➁➃ 

    Google Font:  Enter name of Google font (No quotes)

  • ➁➄ 

    Google Wt:  Only enter google font weight if it's anything other than normal (400)

  • ➁➅ 

    Shadow X:  Enter the text horizontal shadow, px

  • ➁➆ 

    Shadow Y:  Enter the text vertical shadow, px

  • ➁➇ 

    Shadow Blur:  Enter the text shadow blur, px

  • ➁➈ 

    Shadow:  Set the text shadow color

LinkTracker Count Settings

Current Version: 1.2.0



    Path to DB folder:  Enter this page's 'page_files' folder, Ex. count_files or files


    Show Count:  Enable to turn on review of published page count


    This Page URL:  Enter the absolute url address for this page, Ex.


    Show Wide View:  Enable to show a wider view of the Count Pg, Note-Close Stacks info pane for best viewing

Download the LinkTracker Demo - and get tracking !

Note: 'LinkTracker Demo Version' will appear within the stack - it's count is limited to 5 clicks, but it's fully functional for you to try out.