Take Control of Your Printed Pages
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  • Easily Control the Printing of a Webpage
  • Print Link in Navigation
  • Print Button
  • Print Button Horizontal Alignment, Text Size, Color, Background & Top Margin
  • Custom Page Title
  • Custom Page Info Area
  • Custom Print CSS
  • Print Area Helper

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    PrintMe Settings

    Current Version: 1.2.0

      Show in Navigation:  Enable to show print prompt in navigation


      Navigation:  Enter the id of the div that wraps the navigation, Ex. #toolbar


      Show Button:  Enable to show print button


      Print Text:  Enter the text for the print button or print prompt in navigation


      Button Text:  Set the print button text color


      Button Text Size:  Set the print button text size


      Button BG:  Set the print button background color


      Button Align:  Select the alignment for the print button


      Top Margin:  Enter the top margin of the print button


      Page Title:  Enter title of printed pages

    • ➀➀ 

      Page Info:  Enter text to appear at top of printed page

    • ➀➁ 

      Print Areas:  Enter the div of areas to print, Ex. #one, #two

    • ➀➂ 

      Print CSS:  CSS to improve printing, Ex. .myclass {width: 33%} .anotherclass {float: left}

    • ➀➃ 

      Print Helper:  Enable to show print area helper, Note: disable on Publish

    Download the PrintMe Demo - It'll make your printed pages better !
    Note: 'PrintMe Demo Version' will appear below the button & within the printout and nav text is red - but it's fully functional for you to try out.