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Searcher2 allows you to set up content that can be searched and filtered across your ENTIRE website, in addition to searching/filtering content on the same page.

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As an example of the full power of Searcher2, let's say you have a custom car site with lots of cars.

You don't want visitors to scroll through a busy site looking for content, so you've given them the ability to display content they're interested in.

Not only that, but there's an automated list of search terms available to help those unfamiliar with the content.  Try it out by clicking in the search box and either typing or selecting a search term.  Note: The first 4 cars on this page have grey borders, but the others have dashed blue & red borders and are located on other pages in this site.  Neat, huh !

Please be sure to read the FAQs - as they should answer most questions  :-)

Aston Martin

V12 Vantage

Produced with 510 hp, rear diffuser, adjustable rear-wing and carbon-fibre brakes.

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Produced with 2.0-litre turbocharged 261 hp engine, quattro four-wheel drive and either 6-speed manual or S-Tronic auto drive.

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Produced as a "2+2" hard top convertible, direct injection V8 with 450 hp, 7-speed dual clutch and multi-link rear suspension.

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330i Coupe E92

Produced as a modified V8 engine with 450 hp, frameless 2-door design, retractable seatbelt arms and longer frame.

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  • Provide Easy Search on Assignable Search Terms
  • Display of Each Search Term
  • Site-wide Search of Content
  • Place Controller Stack Anywhere
  • Place Content Stacks Anywhere
  • Ability to Hide Content on Load
  • Automated Selection List
  • Link Buttons to Content Pages
  • Label & Link Button Control
  • Font Control of Label, Input, Results & Link Buttons
  • Auto-resize & List Reveal
  • Auto-minimize on Selection
  • Supports Assignment of Multiple Search Terms
  • Compact Design
  • Complete Color Control

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Searcher2 Control Settings

Current Version: 2.2.0

    Searcher Label:  Enable to show searcher label


    Label Text:  Set the searcher label text


    Label Font:  Select the font to use for the label


    Label Size:  Set the font size for the label


    Label Text:  Set the color of the searcher label


    Label Shadow:  Set the label text shadow color


    Shadow Size:  Set the label shadow size


    Padding Bot:  Set the label bottom padding


    Input Text:  Set the color of the input text


    Input Shadow:  Set the text shadow color of the input text

  • ➀➀ 

    Input BG:  Set the background color of the input area

  • ➀➁ 

    Input Border:  Set the border color of the input area

  • ➀➂ 

    Input Button:  Select the color of the input dropdown reveal button

  • ➀➃ 

    Result/Input Font:  Select the font for results & input text

  • ➀➄ 

    Results:  Set the color of the results text

  • ➀➅ 

    Results Shadow:  Set the text shadow color of the results text

  • ➀➆ 

    Results Hover:  Set the color of the results text when hovered over

  • ➀➇ 

    Results BG-Top:  Set the top gradient color for each of the result items

  • ➀➈ 

    Results BG-Bot:  Set the bottom gradient color for each of the result items


    Results Borders:  Set the result border color

  • ➁➀ 

    Link Buttons:  Enable to show link button for each searcher content area - Note: overrides visibility of all buttons

  • ➁➁ 

    Width:  Set the button widths in main body

  • ➁➂ 

    Align:  Set the button alignment

  • ➁➃ 

    But. Top Mar:  Set the button top margin

  • ➁➄ 

    Content Top Mar:  Set the content top margin

  • ➁➄ 

    Button Font:  Select the font to use for the buttons

  • ➁➆ 

    Button Text:  Set the button text color

  • ➁➇ 

    Text Shadow:  Set the button text shadow color

  • ➁➈ 

    Text Size:  Set the button text size


    Corner Radius:  Set the button corner radius

  • ➂➀ 

    Borders:  Enable to show button borders

  • ➂➁ 

    Border Width:  Set the button border width

  • ➂➂ 

    Border:  Set the button border color

  • ➂➃ 

    Button BG-Top:  Set the top gradient color for the button

  • ➂➄ 

    Button BG-Bot:  Set the bottom gradient color for the button

  • ➂➅ 

    Button Shadow:  Set the button drop shadow

  • ➂➆ 

    Outside Main Body:  Enable if searcher content is outside main body, ie. in sidebar, ec areas, etc

  • ➂➇ 

    Button Width:  Set the button width for content outside main body

  • ➂➈ 

    Hide Content Initially:  Enable to hide searcher content on page load, Note - content revealed upon escape/delete in input


    Site-wide Searching:  Enable to allow searching across multiple pages - Note: imported pages not available in preview

  • ➃➀ 

    Page Path(s):  Enter relative path for pages to import - Note: comma-separated w/ quotes, Ex. "a.html","b/b.html"

Searcher2 Content Settings

Current Version: 2.2.0

    Show Link Button:  Disable if you are Not using link button


    Searcher Term(s):  Enter search term(s) - Note: list as comma-separated, Ex. a term,b_term


    Top Margin:  Set the content top margin


    Bottom Margin:  Set the content bottom margin


    Outside Main Body:  Enable ONLY for placing searcher content outside main body, ie. in sidebar, ec areas, etc.

Download the Searcher2 Demo for yourself - It's really cool.
Note: 'Searcher2 Demo Version' will appear below each Content Stack - but it's fully functional for you to try out.